Aspire Tech Bus (Detroit)

About Aspire 

Aspire will increase the technical competency and confidence of Detroit Public School students. By bringing the tech industry to them, they will be better-equipped for futures in tech.

The Tech Bus - a school bus modified into a mobile tech lab. In this lab, students will work on coding projects as an actual software development team. They will learn basic and advanced topics in full stack web development - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end, and NodeJS and ExpressJS for back-end development.

Aspire will develop technical skills as well as the soft-skills to help them in whichever fields they choose. They will learn Agile Project Management, and work with tools like Scrum and Kanban. They will create LinkedIn profiles and professional email addresses, and learn how to present themselves on social media in a way which highlight their professional assets without compromising their personal online expression.

Students will receive a Raspberry Pi workstation to do their coding assignments. By the end of the class, each student will have a portfolio of code projects. They will have a website to showcase their projects, as well as a web server, on their Pi workstations, to host it.

I envision this project as a "high-tech voc-tech." Giving them high-tech skills before college will position them for success. Some of them will choose to pursue their education further at the college/ university level, others will venture into the entrepreneurial sector. Both of these have far-reaching implications that reverberate across the world.

About Thomas

Thomas Phillips is a QA Engineer at Amazon. He is a Detroit native, and is passionate about technology, education, and uplift.