About Cellumo

Cellumo’s mission is to make learning irresistible. Our company develops educational videos games that teach fundamental concepts in biology. Biotechnology will be a major economic and societal driver in the 21st century, and the preparation of today’s youth will impact the quality of future innovations in areas including healthcare, agriculture, and bioenergy. We bring together biotechnology experts, university professors, and high-school educators to create video games that increase youth access to bioscience education at earlier ages.

We are currently developing a puzzle-based, mobile game that makes players masters of biochemistry and biological networks. Gameplay challenges players to design enzymes that can build up and break down fictional molecules to create a target chemical.

The educational video game market in the U.S. was $437M in 2014 and it rapidly growing; however, most market players focus on early childhood math and reading comprehension and brain training for elders. Cellumo is uniquely positioned to pioneer creative games for the high school demographic in an open space of great importance.

About Wilbert Copeland

Wilbert Copeland is a forward-thinking scientist and entrepreneur living in Seattle. He earned a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Washington. As a scientist at Celgene, Wilbert uses computational algorithms to study the efficacy of drugs on cancer patients based on their genetics. As an entrepreneur, he founded Cellumo in 2014 with a mission to create compelling educational video games that engage the general public in life science learning. When not scienceing, Wilbert enjoys building gadgets, hiking, weight lifting, and playing basketball.