About Collab

Collab is a social networking application and online community where creatives and artists from different backgrounds and disciplines can connect, collaborate, and share inspiration. As the first creative ecosystem of its kind, Collab operates as a meeting-place, collaborative workspace, and interactive marketplace for all things creativ.e.

About Chris and Cole

I was born and raised in Philly where I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Communication and Film. Culture, art, and innovation are the drivers of my curiosity, which ultimately define my passions and shape me as an individual. I currently live in Seattle and I worked at Microsoft for two years in their retail channel. After that, I left to work for a couple of different startups as a Business Development Manager, driving sales. I've also managed customer data and leverage that to impact product development and positioning. In the long term, I want to build sustainable and successful platforms and networks at the intersection of art, culture, and innovation. My goal is to create opportunities for others, especially the next generation.