About WeLivePlayfully

WeLivePlayfully is a teacher owned substitute and babysitter training and deployment organization. It’s based on two critical concepts: improving the quality of adult-child interactions and passive income for teachers!

WeLivePlayfully partners with high quality Host Schools to train entrepreneurial Educators and helps them able leverage their roles as GuestEducators in preschool classrooms to market themselves as babysitters, nannies, art teachers, and coaches to the families who grow to love them.

We’ve created a 20 hour training program based on a combination of direct instruction, guided observations, hand-on-learning and mentorship that prepares students to step confidently into preschool classrooms and offers teachers a financial reward for the professional training and development work they often fit into the last 20 hours of their 60 hour work weeks.

About Tehut Getahun

Tehut Getahun is a Montessori kid who likes to say that she grew up babysitting, grew into substitute teaching and grew into her leadership as a Montessori teacher and administrator.

After graduating from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business Tehut pursued a joint M.Ed and AMI Montessori Teaching Certificate at Loyola Maryland and the Montessori Institute Northwest. Tehut currently serves at the Business Manager & Developmental Director for Wedgwood Montessori Schools, whose two NE Seattle campuses have been the testing ground for WeLivePlayfully's pilot year.