The Socialites

About The Socialites

The Socialites curate pop up niche events for young black professionals in Seattle.

About Mia Francois and Angelina Howard

Mia Francois is co-founder of The Socialites. She grew up in Atlanta with her mom and two sisters.Two years after graduating from Albany State University Mia decided to it was time to explore opportunities outside of Georgia. After a short detour to Charlotte, NC in 2014 she landed in Seattle to work for Nordstrom Inc as an Assistant Buyer. She currently works as an Assistant Buy Planner focusing on store allocation and financial planning. In her spare time, Mia loves exploring the city of Seattle with her PNW family.

Angelina Howard, CSCA, CLM, is the co-founder of The Socialites. She was born in Saint Louis, MO and grew up in Denver, CO. She attended Colorado State University where she graduated with her Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA) concentrating in Corporate Finance and a Supply Chain Management. Angelina received Certified Lean Master and Certificated Supply Chain Analyst certifications from the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA). Immediately graduating college, she moved to Seattle, WA to work for Amazon as a Brand Specialist in their Retail Undergraduate Program. Angelina is currently a Retail Instock Manager in Consumer Electronics leading Inbound and e-Commerce packaging initiatives.